Saturday, October 20, 2007

What is the matter with my grass?

Last week, I was cleaning my flower bed in my garden to plant tulip bulbs. To my surprise I found a small brown patch of dead grass in my front lawn. I was very upset at the beginning as I always like to keep my grass nice and green. When I examined closely I found lots of weeds growing in this brown patch of grass. In contrast, there were no weeds in the rest of the lawn which was very green and healthy (see the photo above). Then I thought to myself.... is this trying to teach me something? Then I began to contemplate...... If I kept my mind full of positive thoughts, for example loving kindness and compassion, it would be like the green grass of the majority of my lawn. No weeds would grow. However if my mind was filled with negative thoughts, it would be like the patch of dead grass. "Weeds" of the mind such as anger and hatred, would soon grow and will hurt me or even destroy me. Loving kindness is the antidote for anger (see the previous post below). The Buddha always encouraged us to practice loving kindness.
Buddha said;

"The one who practice loving kindness can expect eleven benefits":

1. One sleeps easily.

2. Wakes easily.

3. Dreams no evil dreams.

4. One is dear to human beings.

5. Dear to non-human beings.

6. The devas (gods of higher realms) protect one.

7. Neither fire, poison, nor weapons can touch one.

8. One's mind gains concentration quickly.

9. One's complexion is bright.

10. One dies unconfused.

11. If penetrating no higher -- is headed for the Brahma worlds ( kind of higher god realms).

- Metta Sutta

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