Friday, December 21, 2007

The "whole world" is your six senses

The world outside is so complex and overwhelming. Trying to control the outside world is an impossible task. Luckily there is another option. You can "fit" the whole world into your six senses. Here you have more control of the outside world. The practice of mindfulness meditation trains you to contemplate on the true nature* of these six senses and to "let go" with ease.

*impermanence,suffering and non-self


G said...

Great observation, Piyal.

Yes, right now, the world is contained within sight-consciousness, sound-consciousness, mind-consciousness etc. It's all here, waiting to be contemplated and understood. As we Buddhists chant, the Dhamma is "apparent here and now", "timeless", and "encouraging investigation". It's up to us to look and see things as they are, right now.

Thanks, Piyal!
Gary at Forest Wisdom.

Dr. Piyal Walpola said...

Hi Garry
Thanks for the comment. Sorry I could not reply earlier. I got so busy with the kids during the holidays. You are absolutely correct. If we can investigate our 6 senses DEEPLY using our mind as the lab, this is "everything" in a nutshell.
Sabba Sutta, SN4.25.23