Monday, March 9, 2009

Offerings to a person like this... bears abundance of fruit.

In a herd of cattle, whether black, white, ruddy, brown,dappled, uniform, or pigeon gray:if a bull is born — tame, enduring, consummate in strength, & swift — people yoke him to burdens, regardless of his color.

In the same way...

Wherever one is born among human beings — noble warriors, priests, merchants, workers, outcastes, or scavengers — if one is tame, with good practices, righteous, consummate in virtue, a speaker of truth, with conscience at heart, onewho's abandoned birth & death, completed the holy lifeput down the burden, done the task fermentation-free* , gone beyond all dhammas, through lack of clinging unbound: offerings to this spotless field bear an abundance of fruit.


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