Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Common sense" or "non-sense"

If you try to untangle your headphones by pulling them a part in a rush, it may even make it worse. But if you start from one end and gradually untangle it you will eventually be successful. At the end you will get to the two ear pieces to connect with your music.

In the same way if try to realize Dhamma by grasping it the wrong way you may get confused or even harm yourself. But if you gradually follow this path with mindful reflection of the teachings, you will eventually end up with your six senses as the starting point. The six senses connect us to our world, just like the ear pieces connected us to our music as in the example above.

These six senses bind to the samsara. However, these very senses, when contemplated wisely can also help to get out of this same samsara.

This may be "common-sense" but hard to see because of our ignorance. One might even call it "non-sense" for the same reason.

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