Saturday, May 8, 2010

In meditation never criticize yourself...

I think in meditation sometimes we get caught to a trap. When the mind runs out of the primary object, just acknowledge it and let go. Never criticize yourself this as a weakness. Just be aware of it. That's all! It is said this will strengthen your mindfulness.

I learnt about this from the visiting Buddhist monk, Venerable Uda-Iriyagama Dhammajeeva Thera of Nissarana Vanaya (Forest) Meditation Centre, Sri Lanka, who is currently conducting a meditataion retreat at The Toronto Maha Vihara.

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Colleen Loehr said...

Self criticism is a trap... thank you for this post. It will help me not to fixate on thoughts of criticism when they arise. In the past, without consciously realizing it, I think I felt there was some benefit in criticizing myself- that it would motivate me to improve, or at least expiate guilt for any wrongdoing. Now I am seeing that self-flagellation is just another ego trap, and your post helps to clarify this.