Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just like a sappy piece of timber lying in the water...

Suppose there were a wet, sappy piece of timber lying in the water, and a man were to come along with an upper fire-stick, thinking, 'I'll light a fire. I'll produce heat.' Now what do you think? Would he be able to light a fire and produce heat by rubbing the upper fire-stick in the wet, sappy timber lying in the water?"

"No, Master Gotama. Why is that? Because the timber is wet & sappy, and besides it is lying in the water. Eventually the man would reap only his share of weariness & disappointment."

"So it is with any priest or contemplative who does not live withdrawn from sensuality* in body & mind, and whose desire, infatuation, urge, thirst, & fever for sensuality is not relinquished & stilled within** him: Whether or not he feels painful, racking, piercing feelings due to his striving [for Awakening], he is incapable of knowledge, vision, & unexcelled self-awakening."

* Indulgence in sensuality from out side is compared to water in this simile
** Desire within is compared to the wet sappy timber in this simile

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