Friday, October 7, 2011

How the cross-fertilization of Classical Enlightenment and the Modern Mind could radically alter the course of human history.

Shinzen Young's opening keynote speech from the Buddhist Geeks Conference 2011.

Towards a Science of Enlightenment from Buddhist Geeks on Vimeo.


sean fernando said...

I listen to this talk, I thnk it is very possible that the cross-fertilization of modern mind and the Enlightenment will take take place within 100 yrs or before, which will alter the course of historySad thing is we may not be around to see this.
Thank you Piyal very invegarating to hear such talks.

Dr. Piyal Walpola said...

I agree. So let's work hard to get to that goal right now...we can do it. Best time for it is now!