Friday, May 3, 2013

REVIEW OF FREE THE MIND: A documentary film by Phie Ambo

The movie will be in theaters on June 7th, 2013 (Toronto)
 Playdates in US 2013
USA Film FestivalDallasTX4/24 - 4/28
Rubin Museum of ArtNew YorkNYStarts 5/3 +
The ScreenSanta FeNMStarts 5/10 +
Sundance CinemasMadisonWIStarts 5/15 +
Stanford UniversityPalo AltoCA5/17
Laemmle Music HallLos AngelesCAStarts 5/17 +
Laemmle MonicaSanta MonicaCA5/18 - 5/19
Laemmle Playhouse 7PasadenaCA5/18 - 5/19
Laemmle ClaremontClaremontCA5/18 - 5/19
Kimball TheaterWilliamsburgVA5/31 - 6/5
Real Art WaysHartfordCTJuly tba
Northwest Film ForumSeattleWAStarts 7/26 +
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Huff Post Live:


In 1992 Professor Richard Davidson, one of the world’s leading neuroscientists, met the Dalai Lama, who encouraged him to apply the same rigorous methods he used to study depression and anxiety to the study of compassion and kindness, those qualities cultivated by Tibetan meditation practice. The results of Davidson’s studies at the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, are portrayed in FREE THE MIND as they are applied to treating PTSD in returning Iraqi vets and children with ADHD. The film poses two fundamental questions: What really is consciousness, and how does it manifest in the brain and body? And is it possible to physically change the brain solely through mental practices?

This movie clearly shows us the power of the mind - how we can let go of the unhealthy and unskillful feeding patterns of our mind towards a more healthy and skillful feeding, just by being mindful in the present, for example being aware of the breath. This shows that Mindfulness can be used by anyone, irrespective of the age, their personal experiences or belief systems. Although we have not yet uncovered all the mysteries of the brain and how the consciousness  works, it is reassuring to know that we can help ourselves by being our own therapists using mindfulness as the tool. The movie Free The Mind gives us a powerful message that we can unlock our preoccupations with unskillful habits of the mind with mindfulness. This movie also gives us a glimpse of hope that true happiness is still possible and it is not too far beyond our reach.
-Piyal Walpola, MD, PhD

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