Friday, January 25, 2008

Become your own therapist

Buddhism teaches you to become your own therapist. It give you the tools to how to deal with life's difficult situations we all face with from time to time. The core teachings Buddhism is centered around mindfulness meditation. The practice of meditation helps one to abandon the defilements of the mind*. The abandoning of defilements in the mind makes us more skillful individuals and will enable us to deal with difficult situations in life with wisdom.

*Defilements of the mind (1) Covetousness and unrighteous greed (2) ill will (3) anger (4) hostility (5) denigration(6) domineering (7) envy (8) miserly(9) hypocrisy(10) fraud (11) obstinacy (12) presumption (13) conceit (14) arrogance (15) vanity (16) negligence

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