Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Think like a scientist

“The motivation of all religious practices is similar. The basic goal is the benefit of human kind, each type of system seeking in its own unique ways to improve human beings”- Dali Lama

The idea of a religion to most people in the Western world is associated with a God. Buddhists are trained to look for contentment within oneself rather than looking for help externally. The basic moral principle in Buddhism is “whatever you do (mind, body or speech) it should not harm you or any other living being.” As far as I know this principle applies or should apply to all the major religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) as this is one of the basic moral principles in life.

One way you can reconcile all these religions or philosophies is to train people of all religions to examine your own heart (mind) and find the truth or if you want to call the “God” within yourself. There is only one truth in this world, and if you are honest to yourself and ask a lot of questions you will find it. It is important for us to think like scientists and investigate ourselves, using our minds as the lab without having a bias on what we have seen, read, or heard previously. I believe this investigative approach will lead to the right path that will lead to the ultimate happiness which we are all seeking for, irrespective of our religious beliefs.

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