Thursday, August 19, 2010

Like a man in search of heartwood that would carry branches and leaves thinking it is the heartwood...

Brahmin, a certain person leaving his household would go forth as a homeless, out of faith thinking I am submerged in birth, decay, death, grief lament unpleasantness and distress. It is only a few that declare the complete ending of unpleasanatness. Gone forth thus, he is reborn in gain, honour and fame. Satisfied with it and his desires fulfilled, he would praise himself and disparages others. I am a gainer of hospitality, these other bhikkhus are impotent and not wise. He does not arouse interest or effort to realise something more exalted than gain, honour and fame and abides infatuated and lethargic.

Like a man wandering in search of heartwood would come to a standing huge tree with heartwood. He would ignore its heartwood, sapwood, bark and shoots, cutting the branches and leaves and would carry them away thinking it is the heartwood. For whatever purpose he needs the heartwood, to that purpose he would not come. Brahmin, I say, this person is comparable to that.

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