Saturday, August 25, 2007

Buddha, The Great Physician

Buddha can be regarded as the greatest physician who lived on the earth. His medicine was for the mind. He said "whatever you do, the body will get sick, but dont ever let your mind get sick". Buddha like other great physicians in the world found:

1. The sickness.

2. Cause of the sickness.

3. How to get rid of the sickness.

4. The path that leads to getting rid of the sickness.

This is the final common goal in learning how to practice Buddhism. This was called the Four Noble Truths by the Buddha.
The features of his teachings (Dhamma) are as follows. The Dhamma is very clear, with direct results, timeless, calling one to investigate for himself, only through yourself you can understand, to be realized individually by the wise.
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Athula said...

Dr. Piyal

We pay our homage to this great, everlasting gift you have presented to the readers by way of "Dhamma".This will be an eye opener as well as a great resource for those who are interested in mind culture. May you reach the supreme goal in this life time.