Monday, December 8, 2008

Life is like whatching a "movie".....check out how it works !

When the eye meet an object, the eye consciousness arises.

The union of three: The eye+ the object + the eye consciousness = contact arises
(The same is true for all other 5 senses).

Contact gives rise to feeling, perception and mental formations.
In every step there is this “glue” which makes it ”sticky” (craving)

Feeling then give rise to more craving …to clinging…to becoming…births…(Dependent Arising/Origination)
(see previous post)

In day to day life all these processes with our sensors happens at an incredible speed. It is almost impossible for us to recognize these steps, especially for an “untrained mind”. Invariably you are going to end up with feelings, perceptions, and mental formations. These will lead to carving …clinging …. existence in this samsara. It is just like you are watching a movie and getting emotionally involved, not realizing how it is generated at all.

In Samatha meditation (breath meditation) you eliminate the background noise and only focus on your breath (aware of breath). When the mind has achieved a state of smadhi (one pointed concentration) you can start observing how your sensors and their respective stimuli work at a much slower a pace. It is like you are watching the movie in slow motion now.

Now if you want to know what is really happening, you need to get to the projector and examine it. You will find it is a plastic tape going through between a powerful light and a lens, frame by frame. This is some thing like what we do in Vipassana meditation.

Dependent Arising

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