Sunday, December 7, 2008

When the eye meet an object...

The whole “world” is our six senses.This is where it ALL starts.

When the eye meet an object, the eye consciousness arises.

The union of three: The eye+ the object + the eye consciousness = contact (arises)

(The same is true for all other 5 senses).

Contact gives rise to feeling, perception and mental formations.

In every step there is this “glue” which makes it ”sticky”

Feeling then give rise to craving …to clinging…to becoming…births…(Dependent Arising/Origination)

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Kurban said...

I am so glad I read, "When the eye meet an object...." today. At the bottom of the posting the link led me to the Bhikhu Bodhi's write up on Dependent Origination which is excellent. I have not finished reading it because of it's length but I know I will do so.

I also know I will be visiting "Wisdom through Mindfulness" again.

Thank you,