Sunday, December 14, 2008

The sequence of events in the mind that lead to quarrels, conflicts, disputes, or even wars in the world? A sample of Buddhist wisdom

craving is dependent on feeling,
seeking (investigating/research) is dependent on craving,
acquisition (gain) is dependent on seeking,
ascertainment (inference and give value) is dependent on acquisition,
desire and passion is dependent on ascertainment,
attachment is dependent on desire and passion,
possessiveness is dependent on attachment,
stinginess is dependent on possessiveness,
defensiveness is dependent on stinginess,
and because of defensiveness,
dependent on defensiveness,
various evil, unskillful phenomena come into play: the taking up of sticks and knives; conflicts, quarrels, and disputes; accusations, divisive speech, and lies.
-Maha-nidana Sutta- The Great Causes Didclourse
(Please note that I have added some addition meanings to the original translation after listening to a Pali version of the sutta)

How can we apply this to our day to day life?

A child:
A child sees an "X box"...craving arises...researches about it...buys it..passion arises about it...attachment to it occurs...stinginess develops...defensiveness happens...another sibling tries to play... may result in an argument or even physical fight.

An Adult:
Man sees a beautiful woman.. may be you can fill the rest of the sequence as stated above!

A country:
A leader of a country...sees a another country adjoining to him... craving of the sequence just as above.. but may end up in a conflict or a war.

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