Sunday, January 18, 2009

Keep riding no matter what...

There is this question that come up again and again. Is attainment of Jhana necessary for enlightenment? Jhana is considered to provide "lubrication" for your vipassana practice.
Can you just practice vipassana ("dry" vipassana) without attainment of Jhana to attain liberation?

There is so much said about in support of both these methods.

This is how I see it.

I guess it does not matter whether your bicycle has lubrication or not the idea is to get on and ride it. May be there is enough lubrication in it from before. May be you may find some lubrication along the way. May be it is very dry but you still can ride it.  You need the right technique. The main thing is to have faith in it, ride it with right effort and mindfulness. You may be delighted to see the most amazing sights traveling along this path you have never seen before. This way you are sure to reach your "destination".

So keep riding no matter what...

In this simile:
ride the bicycle-meditation
lubrication - wet vipassana meditation ( starting with jhanas)
lubrication from before- previous jhana practice (this life or previous lives)
lubrication along the way- attaining stages of enlightenment (stream entry, etc.)
right technique- in accordance with satipattana sutta
1. faith, 2. effort, 3. mindfulness, 4. delighted (joy)/smadhi, 
5. mazing sights/wisdom- The five spiritual faculties
along the path- the noble eightfold path
destination- enlightenment 

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