Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Showing the Path to Buddha Dhamma...

Buddha saw the entire world with beings of different levels of maturity in the path of Dhamma. He compared this to a lotus pond. He targeted the lotuses of higher degree of maturity. Those are the mature lotuses that are at or close to the surface awaiting for the sun (Dhamma) to shine for them to bloom (enlighten).

Unfortunately like the Buddha, we don't have that special ability of knowing the maturity of the spiritual faculties in others.

Then how can we guide another person to the path...

You may consider:

1. Is it going to be beneficial for the person at this time ?

if yes- consider#2
if no- don't tell

2. Is he going to accept it ?

if yes -you can tell
if no - you have to wait for the right timing

Essentially TIMING is everything.

There are three groups of people

1. Some you can show the benefits of skillful deeds and direct them to the path.

2. Some you can show them the adverse results of unskillful deeds and direct them to the path.

3. The rest you "KILL" them.


Please read the sutta below:

Kesi Sutta
To Kesi the Horsetrainer

I feel ignorance (delusion), conceit and fear may be the main reasons that one may be reluctant to accept this path.

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