Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Length of samsara of one person....

"If a single person were to wander & transmigrate* on for an aeon, he/she would leave behind a chain of bones, a pile of bones, a heap of bones, as large as this Mount Vepulla,** if there were someone to collect them and the collection were not destroyed."-Buddha
-Length of samsara Iti 24

*wandering and transmigrating
**Mount Vepulla to the north of Vulture's Peak in the mountain-ring of the Magadhans. Magadha was a kingdom in the time of the Buddha, corresponding roughly to the present day state of Bihar. Its capital city, Rajagaha, was surrounded by a ring of five mountains. Vulture's Peak, a secluded rock outcrop in the middle of the ring, was a spot frequented by the Buddha

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